Get You Wet

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This blog was made to make YOU wet & horny. This is a NSFW blog in which I will post things I'd love to try, things that turn me on and things that'll turn you on. By this I mean that I will post things for my followers as well, even if it's something I'm not into. So expect the occasional gay/BDSM porn. I will post the occasional nude but will not show my face, would like to remain anonymous. I'm a guy & I'm straight, I'm from Puerto Rico, so se habla espaƱol, currently taken. I'm 18 years old.I am a very nice & polite person but I do tend to be sarcastic & I try to be funny. Sometimes it might be hard to interpret on the posts so please don't take me completely serious. Don't be afraid to talk to me & have fun playing with yourself. NOTE: Most of the things I reblog aren't because of how the pornstars look physical-wise, I reblog it because of WHAT they're doing. Also, I am by no means a professional nor do I have much knowledge on sex, just because I have sex regularly doesn't mean I know my facts. Though I will try my best to answer using the knowledge I do have, I think it's better asking a professional or someone else. Enjoy my blog.I don't consider this to be an advice blog, if you ask me something I will just give out my opinion.

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